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    Creative collaboration of Valery Kovalska and Anna Andres Jewelry is embodied in a capsule jewelry collection that inherited the main distinguishing features of both brands: transformative and dynamic asymmetric presented in Valery Kovalska’s looks and the sensuality of Anna Andres Jewelry’s minimalist forms.

    The collaboration of such a bright and creative personalities always leads to a vibrating resonance. Famous Ukrainian designer Valeria Kovalskaya, whose images are appreciated not only by fashionistas, but also by Hollywood stars and Anna Andres, the founder of her jewelry brand, in whose jewelry celebrities shine on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

    The main inspiration of the capsule Valery Kovalska x Anna Andres Jewelry is the deep space – a boundless undiscovered universe that always attracted us. Our inspiration was also the astrological interpretation of the planets and constellations that have the magical power and influence on all life processes in the solar system. Cultivated pearls, which have become one of the main components of the new collection, represent all these.

    Valeria endows this capsule collection with her personal vision, but maintains the general ideology of the Anna Andres Jewelry brand. The transformation takes place not only at the visual, but also at the substantial level, transferring the jewelry to aesthetic comfort. In this collection we had expanding the boundaries of the jewelry items relevance – that can be mixed and worn both in everyday life and for special occasions.

    All jewelry items from Valery Kovalska x Anna Andres Jewelry joint capsule collection match perfectly and complement each other. It gives a freedom for creativity and flexibility of self-expression. It can also be mixed with the items from the main Anna Andres Jewelry collection, imbued with a philosophy of clean lines and natural phenomena.